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The very best products on the market, according to experts. A definitive roundup of what to try and buy, from new releases to oldies but goodies.
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The Right Boxing Gloves for 11 Different Scenarios

Dylan Lipari of Superare recommends gloves for every type of boxer.
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Beginner Plants for an Indoor Garden

Tara Heibel, founder of Sprout Home, recommends the perfect starter plants for a variety of indoor environments.
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The Best Sex Toys for 13 Different Situations, According to an Expert

Lisa Finn, a sex educator and the brand manager of Babeland, recommends the right sex toy for 13 different needs.

A Photographer's Quest for Renters Insurance

Photographer, podcast host, and artist Nick Onken searches for the perfect renters insurance policy.

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The Best Songs for Testing Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Music industry insiders talk about how to pick the right in-ear headphones.


Photographer Nick Onken's Favorite Headphones

NYC photographer and podcast host Nick Onken shares his favorite wireless headphones.


Nicky Paul Finds Audiophile-Approved Headphones

Musician and avid runner Nicky Paul walks through headphone options, searching for the best in-ear headphones.


Nick Paul is Desperate for True Sound

Musician and producer Nick Paul searches for the perfect over-ear headphones that deliver accurate sound and cancel outside noise.


Trainer Nick Vargas' Headphone Bootcamp

Personal trainer Nick Vargas tests in-ear headphones to find the best pair for working out.


Fitness Guru Nick Vargas' Winning Blender

Nick Vargas hosts the ultimate face-off between the Hamilton Beach Power Elite and the Nutribullet 900 Series. Which blender will come out on top?


Alex Parodi Styles Headphone-Focused Outfits

Alex Parodi, a New York City-based art director and fashion enthusiast, styles headphones to go with her closet.


A Fitness Tracker Skeptic Gives Trackers a Try

Lottie Bildirici is an athlete, health coach, and fitness tracker skeptic— will she be convinced to use the devices after trying out a handful of Quiddity’s top 10 picks?


A Coffee Connoisseur Puts Coffee Makers to the Test

Food editor and recipe developer Rick Martinez tests 10 top-rated coffee makers.


Bon Appétit's Rick Martinez Tests Chef's Knives

Rick Martinez, food editor and chef, picks his favorite chef's knife.


Blenders Get Studio Time at Mr. Bronx

Audio experts Eric Hoffman and Geoff Strasser pick the best blender based on sound alone.


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