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Quiddity Curators

Meet the Quiddity Curators, a diverse panel of experts in tech, culture, health, and more. Their real world experience, unfiltered opinions, and product recommendations critically inform the stories we tell.

Liza Therkelsen

Quiddity Publishing Strategist

Frances Thomas

Quiddity Content Editor



Katie Dalebout

Writer and Podcast Host

Tara Heibel

Small Business Owner

Lisa Finn

Sex Educator and the Brand Manager of Babeland

Nicky Paul

Host and Executive Producer of Beyond the Plate, a podcast exploring the careers and social impact of the world's best chefs and culinary industry heavyweights.

Andrew Kaplan

Host and Executive Producer

Jess Tom

Writer, Cook, and Yogi

Dylan Lipari

Owner of Superare

Jeremiah Maestre

Boxing Trainer

Patty Morrissey

Certified KonMari Method™ Consultant

Selena Ching


Bill Bradley


Aaron Gordon


Noah Davis


Corban Goble


Alex Parodi

Art Director

Earl Walton

Triathlon Coach and Founder of Tailwind Endurance
Kat Creech

Kat Creech

Chef and Caterer

Nick Onken


Ben Eberdt

Guitarist and Cooking Enthusiast

Seth Kamil

President & Co-Founder of Big Onion Walking Tours and Director of Big Onion Historical Consulting

Lottie Bildirici

Athlete, Recipe Developer, and Founder of Running on Veggies
Rick Martinez profile picture

Rick Martinez

Food Editor, Stylist, and Host

Nick Vargas

Personal Trainer and Holistic Diet Coach

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