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Natalie Daher


Writer and journalist in NYC.

With Jabra, It’s All About Fit And Comfort

Copenhagen's optimism just might be reflected in Jabra’s headphones.

Being Smart Before the Fire With Quilt Insurance

The round-the-clock responsiveness of Quilt renters insurance is in part possible because of a bot: Patches. Artificial intelligence is one feature that the rapidly growing startup company, which launched in 2015, has developed and tested in-house to stand out from more legacy brands. From Quilt’s robust online customer portal to expansion in Florida and Texas, the company is promoting its transparency to attract young adult renters in cities including New York. Quiddity spoke with Nichole Mace, Quilt’s senior vice president of product & customer experience, about transparency, convenience, and being smart ahead of time.

Shakibarre’s Corinne Wainer’s Brooklyn Life on a Budget

Yoga-barre teacher Corinne Wainer spends her money mindfully, but she still craves the occasional material thing. Wainer co-founded Shaktibarre, a studio in Williamsburg with a sliding-price scale, after recognizing what Vogue called “boutique fitness’s privilege problem.” Like Wainer, the studio is focused on being socially conscious, and its founders contribute a portion of revenue to a girls’ literacy program. Wainer shared her spending hacks, as well as her most outlandish wishes, with Quiddity.

No Knockoffs: Jaybird’s Headphones Are For Premium, Active Lifestyles

Jaybird wants to be seen more as a sports brand than an electronics brand, designing stylish headphones for people likely to hike, ride a mountain bike or even complete triathlons. While their designers scan Amazon reviews just like any average consumer, they also run extensive tests on any new product. Located in Park City, Jaybird designers hang out at local gyms, working one-on-one with athletes. Jaybird’s featured headphones include the Run and the X3, whose battery lives are four and eight hours, respectively. The headphones also come with a charging case, fit for the active wearer who might need a power boost on the go. Quiddity talked with Jaybird designer Hagen Diesterbeck about “truly wireless” models, battery dictating size and custom sound equalizers.

The Goods

Flying With “Phone-Free Music” From Fitbit

The company known for smartwatches wants to soar above the neck.

Wants and Needs

Kate Downey Wants A $175 Pocket But Needs Socks

She’s inked, and she’s eyeing more sleeves.

The Goods

Master & Dynamic Is Not “Plastic And Disposable”

By landing partnerships with top designers, the three-year-old company is performing ahead of its age.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattresses Perform, So You Can, Too

Innovation is ingrained in the startup’s DNA.

The Goods

‘The Actual Industry Has a Problem’: Lemonade Isn’t Marketing Insurance Fluff

The speedy startup is guaranteeing money back with few (or no) questions. Just ask the bot.

Making Renters Insurance Easier with Nationwide Insurance

For less than $20 a month, the average renter can protect nearly $30K in personal property.

Eight Sleep Believes that If You Build Your Own Mattress, Sleep Will Come

The company created a customizable mattress and introduced an AI coach—all in pursuit of optimization.

From Coast to Coast With Farmers Insurance

Potential lawsuits are everybody’s problem, and you probably own more than you think.

Tomorrow Sleep’s Crusade Against “Sleep Sacrifice”

“Sleep is really about comfort, temperature, humidity, and light and noise.”

On Planes, Offices and the Outdoors With Plantronics Headphones

In situations where you want to mostly cancel noise—potentially threatening noises aside—Plantronics wants to be your eyes and ears. The company has nearly seven decades of history in developing consumer electronics and adapting to the latest technology and trends, whether it's active noise cancellation or athleisure. By capitalizing on the desires of people who travel often or exercise outdoors, Plantronics has gained an edge by evolving its headphone line, including the Backbeat Pro 2 and Backbeat Fit. Quiddity talked with Plantronics’ Greg Miller, director of portfolio business management, about the Wall of Ears, the “brand that starts with a B,” and carving out a niche.

The Fresh, No-Buzzword Promise of Jetty Renters Insurance

New-York based insurance company Jetty asks customers a single question to get them a quote: “What’s your address?” The company, founded in 2016, has a tech focus and offers property protection for issues like bed bugs and liability coverage for Airbnb hosting. The company’s Passport Lease also helps prospective renters who can’t meet a property’s salary requirements and don’t have a co-signer or guarantor. Quiddity talked with Luke Cohler, Jetty’s co-founder and president, about power-ups, the freedoms of young companies, and getting reliable financial institutions on your side.


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