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Noah Davis


Noah Davis is Quiddity’s Launch Editor and co-founder of Three Point Four Media.

Caroline Moss Wants a $2,000 Chair but She Needs a Haircut

Are you the type of person who sees a leather jacket on Instagram stories and saves it as a potential Christmas gift that someone could buy her? Caroline Moss is. The co-author of Hey Ladies!, a pitch-perfect tale of female friendship, recently did just that. But you know what? She needs the jacket, so she might just buy the damn thing herself.

Anatomy of a Room

A Brownstone Grows in Brooklyn

A photographer-director couple designed a perfect room for their everyday life.

The Goods

I Refuse to Get an iPhone Case

I know I should buy one, but I won’t. Fight me.

Wants and Needs

Glynnis MacNicol Really Wants to Stay at The Carlyle Hotel

But she needs Law & Order and better, more affordable health care.

Wants and Needs

Chef Tyler Kord Wants Netflix with Long Commercial Breaks

He misses working during the ads but really needs Moana and a grill.

Wants and Needs

Soccer Star Aurélien Collin Wants a Monet but He Needs a New Suit

The New York Red Bulls center back is on the hunt for art to hang in his apartment and game-day threads.

Wants and Needs

Caroline Moss Wants a $2,000 Couch but She Needs a Haircut

The Hey Ladies! co-author could also use a computer charger.


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