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Salomon Advanced Skin 5 Set

Published: April 05, 2019

Product Details:

  • Over 10 types of pockets
  • Includes two soft flasks, a whistle, a reflective lamp loop, and multiple pole holder solutions
  • 5 L volume
  • 8 Oz. pack without accessories
  • 38" L x 20" W x 6" D


  • Soft water bottles stay put while running
  • Non-zipper pockets make it easy to access items
  • Many different pockets for storing a variety of accessories and tools
  • Dries quickly


  • Mesh isn’t the most breathable
  • Bladder is not included

Who It’s For….

Those looking for an extremely lightweight backpack to hold a variety of items during high intensity outdoor workouts.

Who It’s Not For…

Those looking for a travel pack with minimal pockets and simple storage options.

Why We Picked It:

  • This carrying system’s lightweight, high-stretch material ensures no chafing while running.
  • The pack’s extensive variety of pockets ensures easy access to every tool you may need.
  • The lattice design of loops and elastic keeps poles in place during vigorous workouts.

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