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The End-of-Summer Survival Kit

Summer: we're over it.

Sometime in August, the late-summer malaise hits. The weekend wedding circuit has drained your bank account and the regular post-work happy hours have proved that yes, you can have too much of a good thing. And that thing is frosé. While you’re already fantasizing about hot coffee, layering sweaters, and changing leaves, there are T-minus 12 days left until Labor Day.

Perhaps you’ve got one weekend trip left on this summer’s docket. Whether it’s your college roommate’s wedding (shout out to the open bar), a family reunion, or a company bonding retreat (if you’re in that #startuplife), you’re going to need some reinforcements. We get it, and we’ve got you: read on for the ultimate packing list to make it through the final trips of the summer.

The Labor Day Countdown Essentials

The Vessel

Before you assemble the goods, make sure you’ve got the right carrying case. We like The Away Bigger Carry-On with an interior compression system and built-in USB charger. Not into all the bells and whistles? The Rimowa Essential is surprisingly sturdy for its lightweight frame.

Call in the Wellness Troops

Let’s face it: the work, happy hour, and Seamless routine isn’t sustainable. Adding a daily multivitamin to your diet will help reset your body and ensure you get the recommended dose of micronutrients (most Americans could benefit from vitamin supplements, which have been linked to the reduction of cancer and cataracts). Check our

Fly High

Ok, not Cheech & Chong high—just TSA-approved high. CBD is the lesser-known cannabis compound that has been shown to help quell anxiety, relieve pain, treat arthritis, and reduce inflammation, among other benefits. The best part? It’s legal. While there’s a host of ways to ingest CBD, vaping delivers the fastest results. Find your perfect vape here.


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